Are you going to Hungary and wish to find out some information regarding mobile connections available there? Your first choice should be Yettel! The leading mobile operator in Hungary having wide coverage and the fastest downloads and data communication is Yettel. The purpose of this post is to offer a detailed breakdown of Yettel eSIM and Yettel SIM cards for vacationers traveling to Hungary.

Yettel SIM card

1. Quick Facts about Yettel

Yettel Hungary is a subsidiary of the Danish telecommunications company Telenor Group. It is one of the leading mobile network operators in Hungary.

  • Yettel is the leading mobile operator in Hungary with over 8 million subscribers
  • It has the widest 4G and 5G coverage in Hungary
  • Offers excellent speeds and connectivity across the country
  • Provides prepaid SIM cards, monthly plans and eSIM connectivity
  • SIM cards start from as low as 3000 HUF
  • eSIM activation available for compatible devices
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2. Why Yettel When You’re Exploring Hungary – Coverage and Speed

When traveling through Hungary to explore its diverse history, culture and landscapes, having reliable cellular coverage and data speeds can help any adventurer make the most of their trip. Keeping friends to exchange experiences on the way and use the Internet, it’s important at this point to choose a really good operator.

2.1. Yettel Coverage in Hungary

Hungary Mobile Operator Coverage
Hungary Mobile Operator Coverage

Yettel holds the biggest network in Hungary covering more than 99 percent of the population. It provides uninterrupted 4G LTE service to the rural areas and small towns.

Yettel with over 7000 base stations has developed massive signal capacity to support strong signals and a reliable network. Yettel will be there whether it is in busy Budapest or picturesque Lake Balaton.

2.2. Yettel Speed

Hungary Mobile Operators Speed
Hungary Mobile Operators Speed

Based on the Opensignal report about Hungary in August 2023, Yettel was the fastest in terms of average download and upload speeds among the big three mobile operators in the country.

  • The average download speed at Yettel came out to be 37Mb/s which was 2.6Mb/s(7.5%) faster than second placed Telekom and 6.2x of last placed DIGI.
  • Yettel managed an average of 15.3 Mbps, being some 2.8 Mbps ahead of second-placed Telekom.

Indeed, Yettel’s speed advantage was especially evident within the towns. For instance, in Budapest the Yettel’s average download speed was at 42 Mbps, almost 5.2 Mbps faster compared to telecom and 7.8 Mbps faster than DIGI.

3. Yettel Connectivity Options for Travelers to Hungary

Yettel offers three main connectivity options for tourists in Hungary:

Yettel Connectivity Option Description Pros Cons
Physical SIM card A traditional SIM card that you insert into your phone. Widely available and easy to use. Requires a phone that supports SIM cards.
eSIM A digital SIM card that is embedded in your phone. No need to carry a physical SIM card. Easier to switch operators. Not all phones support eSIM.

If you have a phone that supports eSIM and you want the convenience of being able to switch operators easily, then an eSIM is a good option for you. Nevertheless, if your phone cannot support eSIM or you prefer the simplicity of a physical Yettel SIM card, then the physical SIM card is the right choice for you.

4. Best Yettel SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Yettel has a plan that targets tourists visiting Hungary and this plan should be supported by other measures. As such, the Pay As You Go Plan might be taken as an appropriate option by people who travel.

Plan Name Data Minutes Approx. Price (USD/30 days)
Yettel Feltöltőkártyás 1GB megújuló Mobilnet 1 GB 0 minutes 3
Yettel Feltöltőkártyás 3GB megújuló Mobilnet 3 GB 0 minutes 8
Yettel Feltöltőkártyás 2in1 Net csomag 5 GB 25 minutes 10
Yettel Feltöltőkártyás SIM 0 GB 0 minutes 1.50

In essence, the 1GB and 3GB data plans provide the cheapest solutions for light or medium use of the data. 2in1 package is most suitable for combined use of data and call. For temporary needs, daily packages are most appropriate. The Yettel SIM card activation price is approximately USD 1.50. All prices include VAT.

5. Does Yettel Support eSIM in Hungary?

Yes, Yettel initiated eSIM support in Hungary in 2021. Currently the Yettel eSIM service is available only with the Samsung smart watches for the Yettel residential customers.

6. Where Can You Buy a Yettel SIM card and eSIM?

Setting up one’s Yettel service either as an international traveler or as a local customer is rather simple. This guide will show you where to buy a Yettel SIM card or activate eSIM.

6.1. Where to Buy Yettel SIM for Hungary?

You can easily find Yettel SIM cards at:

  • Yettel Stores – Yettel owns many retail outlets located in various parts of Hungary where one can buy a SIM card. A flagship store is normally situated within a large city and a shopping center.
yettel store
  • Authorized Dealers – Many independent retailers are authorized to sell Yettel products where YETTEL SIM cards can be bought as well. This refers to phone stores, electronic stores, and convenience stores.
  • Online – You can order a SIM card for Yettel Hungary that will be delivered to your address after using the Yettel Hungary website, payment is done during the process of order placing.
  • Airport Arrivals – When arriving to Hungary by air, SIM cards can sometimes be bought in the arrivals section of international airports.
  • Supermarkets – Hungary’s bigger supermarket chains might include a section for the SIM cards on which pre-paid Yettel is offered amongst other service providers.
  • Customer Service Centers – In addition, Yettel has customer service walk-in centers in major places as other ways of procuring SIM cards physically.

Therefore, in conclusion, the preferred options for Hungarians or visitors, depending on their locations, are the Yettel countrywide dealers or store delivery, and ordering online for a home. It is also possible to conveniently acquire airports as well as large markets.

6.2. Where to Buy Yettel eSIM in Hungary?

Currently, Yettel eSIM is now available for our new and existing small business customers and for Samsung smartwatches. 

So if you want to use Yettel’s network ,stay connected while traveling in Hungary with an eSIM from

Explore Budapest and beyond without worrying about finding WiFi or paying high roaming fees with Yettel as the network supported. Our flexible data plans start at just $6 for 3 days of service. Simply purchase an eSIM plan, install via QR code, and you’re ready to go.

Staying in touch has never been easier or more affordable. Buy your Hungary eSIM today and explore the country with reliable internet in your pocket!

7. How to Activate Yettel SIM/eSIM in Hungary?

Activating your Yettel SIM or eSIM is easy and quick. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

7.1. How to Use a Yettel SIM Card in Hungary?

Follow these steps to activate your Yettel physical SIM:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone.
  2. Turn on your phone and the SIM will automatically start.
  3. You may need to enter the PIN printed on the SIM pouch.
  4. Check for data connectivity and incoming calls.
  5. You can recharge online via Yettel app or website.

That’s it! You can now start using mobile data and calling on your Yettel SIM.

7.2. How to Activate Yettel eSIM?

Getting started with an Yettel eSIM for Hungary is quite easy as follows:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

8. Hungary Yettel Call & SMS Rates

Yettel prepaid SIM cards come with excellent calling and SMS rates:

Service Rate/charge
Call to any domestic network within Hungary and in the EU 0.074 USD /minute
SMS to any domestic network within Hungary and in the EU 0.074 USD/SMS

Please note that these rates are subject to change.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Yettel SIM/eSIM

Use these USSD codes to check your account or activate services:

Method Code
Via My menu 111 1111*1#
Prepaid users *121#
Postpaid users *311#

Dial these codes directly on your phone dial pad to quickly access useful settings and account info.

10. How to Top-up Yettel SIM/eSIM

You can easily recharge your Yettel prepaid SIM/eSIM using:

  • Yettel App/Website – Instant top-up via app or website
  • Vouchers – Widely available at stores, petrol pumps, etc.
  • ATMs – Many ATMs support mobile top-ups.
  • Contactless Cards – Recharge at Yettel stores via contactless card.

The minimum top-up amount is ~ 4 USD. Make sure to recharge before the account validity runs out.

11. Alternatives to Yettel Hungary

Vodafone is the top choice for tourists visiting Hungary, but you can also consider:

  • Telekom Mobile – The second biggest network, with slightly lower speeds than Vodafone.
  • Vodafone Hungary – Biggest provider, wide coverage with affordable rates.
  • – Offers prepaid Hungary eSIM plans from major networks Yettel. Plans start from as low as $6 for mini prepaid packages lasting 3-30 days. No contract and you can keep your regular number.

Vodafone has better speeds and coverage than the above operators. But in case you can’t get a Vodafone SIM, offers a convenient prepaid eSIM solution for network access in Hungary at competitive rates, without requiring a physical SIM card.

Break the data chains, unshackle your internet, not your budget.

12. FAQs about Yettel in Hungary

Does Yettel offer 5G in Hungary?

Yes, Yettel has launched 5G coverage in all major cities including Budapest. You need a 5G-enabled phone to access the 5G speeds.

What’s the maximum data speed on Yettel?

Yettel offers blazing-fast 4G speeds of up to 300 Mbps and an average 5G download speed of around 200 Mbps in Hungary.

Does Yettel SIM work in European countries?

Yettel has excellent Europe roaming allowing you to use your SIM across the EU at Hungary rates.

Where do I find APN settings for Yettel SIM?

APN details are automatically configured when you insert a Yettel SIM. No manual APN setup needed.

13. Final Words

Yettel provides unmatched connectivity through Hungary making it the top choice operator for tourists. Their affordable prepaid SIM cards, monthly plans, and eSIM offer excellent value. Follow this article for a smooth Yettel SIM setup in Hungary and seamless connectivity during your travels!