Choosing the right mobile internet in Hungary can be crucial for tourists and travelers. This blog post aims to guide you through selecting the best mobile internet solution, ensuring seamless connectivity during your stay in the country. Discover how using local SIM cards and eSIM options can boost your internet access, keep you connected, and ensure a smooth experience during your time in Hungary.

how about mobile internet in hungary

I. Mobile Internet coverage and speed in Hungary

It’s better if you know the mobile coverage and speed in Hungary. If you know it well, your trip will be smooth and safe as well.

1. Hungary Mobile Internet Coverage

Hungary Mobile Operator Coverage
Hungary Mobile Operators Coverage

Hungary is a European country with a diverse mobile network landscape. According to the Opensignal report from August 2023, the mobile coverage and experience in Hungary can be summarized as follows:

  • Telekom, DIGIMobil, and Yettel lead in Availability with scores from 95.4-97%, ensuring top mobile broadband connection time.
  • Telekom and Vodafone tie for 5G Availability at 12.8-15.2%, offering the most active 5G connections.
  • Telekom wins Consistent Quality at 74%, providing users with a consistent experience across metrics like speed and latency.

Overall, the mobile coverage and experience in Hungary appear to be quite strong, with multiple operators providing reliable 4G and 5G services across the country.

2. Hungary Mobile Internet Speed

Mobile Internet Speed in Hungary
Mobile Internet Speed in Hungary

When coming to Hungary, you cannot ignore the mobile internet speed here. According to the Speedtest Global Index from February 2024, the country’s mobile internet performance can be examined in detail.

National ranking:

  • Hungary’s mobile download speed ranks 61st globally at 47.84 Mbps, a 2-position improvement showing progress.
  • Hungary’s mobile upload speed is 16.51 Mbps, ranking 61st globally, a slight decline from last month.
  • Compared to its neighbors: most of Hungary’s neighboring countries have faster median mobile download speeds, with the exceptions being Slovakia (similar speed) and Ukraine (slower speed). Hungary ranks in the middle compared to its neighbors based on these mobile speed metrics.

City ranking: Budapest ranked 70th, standing out with a median download speed of 62.14 Mbps and a median upload speed of 21.95 Mbps.

Hungary’s mobile internet speeds are pretty impressive overall, especially in downloads, where they surpass the global average. Travelers in Hungary can count on a reliable and fairly speedy mobile internet experience, with Telekom, Vodafone, and Yettel as the top mobile service providers in the country.

II. Mobile Internet in Hungary: Connection options for tourists

Tourists have several mobile internet options in Hungary to stay connected with reliable mobile internet. Choosing the right connectivity solution can make a significant difference in your travel experience and budget.

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Free WiFi Widely available, no additional cost Unreliable, limited coverage, potential security risks
Pocket WiFi Reliable, consistent connectivity, easy to use Requires device rental, additional cost
eSIM Convenient, no need for physical SIM card, flexible data plans Requires eSIM-compatible device, limited provider options
SIM Card Affordable, wide provider selection, flexible data plans Need to purchase and activate the SIM card
Roaming Convenient, no need for additional setup Typically more expensive than local SIM cards

Recommendation: For tourists in Hungary, the best bet is to grab a local SIM/eSIM. It is the best option to stay connected easily, be flexible, and save while you're there.

If you go for a SIM card, the top choices in Hungary are Telekom, Vodafone, and Yettel. They’ve got affordable data deals and good coverage nationwide. Or, if you’re into the eSIM, check out our local site hungary-esim for a smooth solution using the Vodafone network.

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Just make sure your device fits nicely with eSIM tech before diving in. You can check the list of Hungary eSIM-compatible devices. keeps you in touch, all over Hungary

III. Mobile internet rates in Hungary

When it comes to mobile internet access in Hungary, tourists have several options to choose from, each with its pricing structure and advantages. Let’s take a closer look at the various mobile internet rates in the country:

Connectivity Option Price Range (USD)
Hungary SIM Card ~ $5 - $20 for starter pack + $5 - $20 per GB
Hungary eSIM ~ $3 - $40 per GB
Roaming ~ $20 - $50 per GB
Public WiFi Free (with potential security risks)
Pocket WiFi ~ $5 - $15 per day

For tourists in Hungary, get a Hungary SIM or eSIM for cheap, fast data. eSIM is easier to set up. Roaming in the EU is expensive, public WiFi is unreliable. Consider Pocket WiFi for group travel.

Note: Prices may have changed, check with your provider for updates.

IV. Best mobile operators in Hungary

Hungary has a competitive mobile telecommunications market with three major operators: Telekom, Vodafone, and Yettel. These providers offer a range of mobile plans and services to cater to the diverse needs of consumers and travelers.

Operator Main Points Pros Cons Best For
Telekom Largest mobile network in Hungary. Extensive 4G/5G coverage. Wide range of plans and add-ons Reliable network quality. Good customer service. Variety of data plans Generally more expensive than competitors. Limited international roaming options Locals and long-term residents. Travelers who prioritize network coverage
Vodafone Part of global Vodafone network. Competitive pricing on plans and roaming Affordable data plans. Seamless international roaming within Vodafone network Slightly lower network coverage in rural areas. Limited customer service in English Budget-conscious consumers. Frequent travelers within Europe
Yettel Competitive pricing and flexible plans. Growing 4G/5G network coverage Cost-effective data plans. Good value for money Relatively newer network with some coverage gaps. Limited English-language support Price-conscious consumers. Occasional travelers to Hungary

As we can see, Telekom comes out on top as the best mobile operator in Hungary. With great network coverage, reliable service, and diverse plans to fit various needs. Vodafone and Yettel are solid choices too, especially for budget-savvy users and travelers looking for cost-effective data and roaming options.

V. FAQs about mobile internet in Hungary

Is 5G available in Hungary?

Yes, 5G networks are available in major cities and urban areas in Hungary, with plans for continued expansion.

How much data do typical mobile plans offer in Hungary?

Typical data plans range from 2-20 GB per month, with higher-tier plans offering unlimited data.

Do the major operators provide international roaming packages?

Yes, all the major operators (Telekom, Vodafone, Yettel) offer EU roaming packages, but costs can vary.

How do mobile internet prices in Hungary compare to other European countries?

Prices in Hungary are generally on the lower end compared to Western European countries.

VI. Conclusion

In recent years, mobile internet in Hungary has advanced with 5G networks and competitive offerings from major operators. Travelers have access to reliable data plans through SIM cards, eSIMs, or mobile hotspot rentals. For fast, consistent mobile internet, consider Telekom, Vodafone, or Yettel for various plans to suit different needs and budgets.