Currently, Telekom Hungary is the biggest mobile network operator in Hungary, providing the broadest network coverage and highest network speeds in the whole country. If you are a traveler visiting Hungary, you may be asking some questions such as what is the best Telekom Hungary SIM card and eSIM to buy for easy communication while on the go in that foreign land. This all inclusive manual will give you a clear picture of what you have to do in order to join Telekom in your country.

telekom hungary sim card

1. Quick Facts About Telekom Hungary

  • Telekom Hungary (Magyar Telekom) is part of Deutsche Telekom group and the market leader in Hungary with around 40% subscriber market share.
  • It has the best nationwide 4G coverage in Hungary covering 99% population. The 5G rollout has also started and is expanding.
  • Telekom offers prepaid Telekom Hungary SIM cards, postpaid plans, and eSIMs for tourists.
  • Prepaid SIM cards are available for pickup at Telekom stores, post offices, or online delivery. eSIMs can be purchased online.
  • Telekom prepaid packs come with unlimited data packages, EU roaming, and varying validity.
  • eSIM activation takes only takes a few minutes online making it very convenient.
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2. Hungary Telekom Coverage and Speed

As the largest mobile network operator in Hungary, Hungary Telekom provides nationwide 4G LTE coverage but speeds vary depending on location.

2.1. Telekom Coverage in Hungary

Hungary Mobile Operator Coverage
Hungary Mobile Operators Coverage

Telekom has the best mobile network coverage in Hungary, according to the Opensignal Report about Hungary Mobile Network Experience on August 2023.

  • Telekom’s Availability score is 97%, which means that Telekom users spend the highest proportion of time connected to 3G or better mobile broadband services.
  • Telekom also has the best 4G Availability score of the four major mobile operators in Hungary, at 93.7%. This means that Telekom users are less likely to experience periods where they are not connected to 4G.

Generally, Telekom is the best provider when it comes to mobile coverage and speed in Hungary.

2.2. Telekom Speed in Hungary

According to the Opensignal Report for Hungary, August 2023, Telekom has the fastest average download and upload speeds of the four major mobile operators in Hungary.

Hungary  Mobile Operators Speed
Hungary Mobile Operators Speed

Telekom’s average download speed is 22.9 Mbps, and its average upload speed is 9.1 Mbps.

Consequently, Telekom users would expect to enjoy high-speed internet compared to users of the three other main mobile operators in Hungary.
Nevertheless, these are only average speeds. Some places will experience much higher speeds while others will record lower speeds for Telekom users.

3. Telekom Hungary Connectivity Options for Travelers

In light of the modern trend of mobile internet users relying on fast and dependable Internet connectivity while on the move, this article analyses the diverse connectivity options offered by Telekom to its roaming customers in Hungary.

Option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM card No contract required, flexible data and voice plans Limited data and voice minutes, may need to top up regularly
Postpaid SIM card Unlimited data and voice minutes, longer contract period Contract required, may be more expensive than prepaid SIM card
Data plan Flexible data plans, can be added to prepaid or postpaid SIM card May not include voice minutes, may need to top up regularly
Mobile broadband plan High-speed internet access, can be added to prepaid or postpaid SIM card May not include voice minutes, may be more expensive than data plan

4. Best Telekom Hungary SIM Cards For Tourists & Costs

The best Telekom Hungary SIM card for tourists is Telekom Tourist SIM for tourists, as it offers a good balance of data, voice minutes, and SMS at a reasonable price. It is also valid for 30 days, which is enough time for most tourists’ trips to Hungary.

SIM card Cost Data Voice minutes SMS
Telekom Tourist SIM ~ 14 USD 10 GB 300 300
Telekom Tourist SIM+ ~ 20 USD 20 GB 500 500
Telekom Tourist SIM Premium ~ 26 USD 30 GB 1,000 1,000

If you need more data, you can upgrade to the Telekom Tourist SIM+ or Telekom Tourist SIM Premium.

5. Does Telekom Hungary Support eSIM?

Yes, Telekom Hungary provides prepaid eSIM service but not for tourists.

Telekom HU eSIMs work on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and above supporting iOS 13. Most newer Android phones with Android 10 and above are also supported. Check this Hungary eSIM Compatible Devices List before getting a Telekom eSIM.

eSIMs are app-based and more convenient than physical SIMs. Activate using the app within minutes and no need to go to the store.

6. Where Can You Buy a Telekom SIM Card and eSIM?

For both tourists and residents wanting internet access through Telekom’s cellular network, it’s important to understand where Telekom Hungary SIM cards and the digital eSIM option can be purchased to easily connect any compatible device to Telekom’s coverage nationwide.

6.1. Where to Buy Telekom SIM Card for Hungary

Here are some ways to get a Telekom Hungary SIM card:

  • Telekom stores – Available at all Telekom shops. Store locator available online.
  • Post Offices – Sold at post offices throughout Hungary.
  • Airport – Telekom shops at Budapest Airport and some regional airports sell SIMs.
  • Online – Telekom website offers home delivery in Hungary or Europe. Provide local address.
  • Other Retailers – Select supermarkets, gas stations, and retailers may offer Telekom SIMs.

When you buy, provide your passport and local address in Hungary. Activation is instant after inserting Telekom Hungary SIM card and turning on mobile data.

telekom hungary store
Telekom Store in Budapest

6.2. Where to Buy Telekom Hungary eSIM

Telekom Hu eSIM can only be purchased online on their website or their official stores::

  • Go to the Prepaid eSIM section and select plan. Provide email and delivery address.
  • Payment by credit card only. eSIM voucher will be emailed instantly.
  • Scan QR code on the voucher to download and activate the eSIM profile.
  • The overall process takes only a few minutes to get connected.

So online delivery makes getting an eSIM super quick and convenient vs buying a plastic SIM.

7. How to Activate Telekom Hungary SIM/eSIM

To ensure a smooth onboarding experience and quick access to Telekom’s mobile network services, this guide will outline the simple steps required to activate a Telekom prepaid or postpaid SIM card or eSIM both online and through Telekom stores across Hungary.

7.1. How to Activate Telekom Hungary SIM Card

Activating a Telekom Hungary SIM card is straightforward:

  1. Insert SIM in an unlocked phone. Turn it on without a PIN code.
  2. Connect to mobile data. This will configure and activate the SIM automatically.
  3. You can recharge or add data packs at any time using vouchers, an online account, or the MyTelekom app.

7.2. How to Activate Telekom Hungary eSIM

Follow below simple steps below to activate Telekom Hungary eSIM:

  1. Enter the email used for purchase on the eSIM voucher email.
  2. Click on the link to download the eSIM profile or scan QR code.
  3. On iPhone go to Settings > Add Cellular Plan to add downloaded profile.
  4. On Android go to Settings > Network & Internet > SIMs > Add new SIM profile.
  5. Follow the prompts to activate eSIM. Takes only a few minutes.
  6. You can recharge and manage eSIM on the MyTelekom app or online account.

That’s it! Your eSIM will be ready for use to connect seamlessly.

8. Hungary Telekom Call & SMS Rates

Prepaid Telekom Hungary SIM cards and plans provide the following calling and text rates:

Service Rate/charge
Call to any domestic network within Hungary and in the EU 0.057 USD/minute
SMS to any domestic network within Hungary and in the EU 0.074 USD/SMS

Calls are cheaper within the Telekom network. Unlimited SMS is provided in most prepaid tourist SIM packs.

For postpaid plans on longer contracts – off-net calls are cheaper and unlimited texts are included.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Telekom Hungary SIM

Here are some commonly used USSD codes for Telekom Hungary SIM cards:

  • Dial *102# to check your Magyar Telekom balance. You can also top up and check your balance on the Telekom Alkalmazás app (Android/iOS).
  • Dial *121# to find out your own number.

No need to call customer care for basic info. Just dial USSD code and get details instantly.

10. How to Top-up Telekom Hungary SIM/eSIM

You can recharge your Telekom Hungary SIM card or eSIM using following convenient methods:

Top-up method Steps
Online Go to the Telekom website, log in, click "Top up", enter amount and mobile number, click "Top up".
Mobile app Open the Telekom app, log in, tap "Top up", enter amount and mobile number, tap "Top up".
Bank transfer Go to your bank's online or mobile banking app, select "Mobile top-up", select Telekom, enter amount and mobile number, confirm transaction.
ATM Insert your bank card into the ATM, enter your PIN, select "Mobile top-up", select Telekom, enter amount and mobile number, confirm transaction.
Retail outlets Go to a Telekom store or other authorized retailer, tell the cashier you want to top up your Telekom prepaid SIM card, provide amount and mobile number, pay the cashier.

Please note that there may be a small fee associated with some top-up methods.

11. Alternatives to Telekom Hungary

Other mobile networks available in Hungary are:

  • Vodafone – Second largest operator with good urban coverage.
  • Yettel – Formerly Telenor, it has decent rural presence.
  • – A good option for travelers to Hungary who are looking for Hungary eSIM with a good balance of data, voice minutes, and SMS at a reasonable price.

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12. FAQs About Telekom Hungary

Does Telekom have good coverage outside Budapest?

Yes, Telekom has excellent nationwide coverage reaching even remote regions and highways. Speeds are still good outside cities.

Does Telekom SIM work in Europe?

Telekom Hungary SIMs include free roaming in all EU/EEA countries. Data limits apply from fair use policy. Additional Euro roaming packs can also be added.

Can I get 5G on Telekom?

Yes, Telekom has launched 5G in parts of Budapest and adding new cities. You need a 5G phone to access speeds up to 600 Mbps where available.

Does Telekom Hungary offer eSIMs?

Yes, Telekom Hungary offers eSIMs for compatible devices. Availability and specific instructions might differ depending on your device model.

How do I top up my Telekom Hungary prepaid balance?

Top-up options include the Telekom app, website, physical stores, ATMs, Inmedio&Relay newsstands, and even post offices and petrol stations. There’s a maximum top-up limit of 50,000 HUF per 30 days for Domino (individual subscriber) prepaid cards.

13. Final Words

Getting a Telekom Hungary SIM card or eSIM in Hungary will provide you with superfast speeds on 4G/5G thanks to their excellent network coverage even in rural areas and roads. Unlimited EU roaming allows you to stay connected across Europe at no extra cost. So grab a Telekom Hungary SIM card or eSIM, explore this beautiful country freely, and share memorable experiences with friends & family back home with ease. Have a great trip!