Vodafone is one of the top mobile operators in Hungary, which ensures high-quality signal as well as speedy connection within the whole country. The reason why you may want to buy a Hungarian SIM or eSIM as a tourist is so that you can keep in touch during your visit. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Vodafone Hungary SIM Card & eSIM as a tourist, including:

Vodafone hungary sim card

1. Quick facts about Vodafone Hungary

  • Vodafone Hungary is the second largest mobile network operator in Hungary with around 30% market share.
  • It uses 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks and is rapidly building out 5G as well.
  • Vodafone has excellent population coverage at 99% on 4G and around 80% on 3G.
  • Speeds are good, averaging around 33 Mbps download and 13 Mbps upload on 4G.
  • Vodafone offers prepaid SIM cards, postpaid plans, and eSIMs for tourists.
  • Prepaid SIMs and plans are very affordable, starting from as low as 1500 HUF.
  • Vodafone has roaming agreements in over 100 countries worldwide.
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2. Vodafone Hungary Coverage and Speed in Hungary

Vodafone is one of the leading mobile network providers in Hungary, offering nationwide coverage and high-speed internet access across the country. The following details Vodafone Hungary’s coverage and speed performance.

2.1. Vodafone coverage in Hungary

Hungary Mobile Operator Coverage
Hungary Mobile Operator Coverage

The August 2023 Opensignal report reveals that the Availability on Vodafone’s mobile network in Hungary was good as a whole, although it slightly lagged behind the other major mobile operators.

Here is a summary of Vodafone Hungary’s mobile network coverage and performance, based on the Opensignal August 2023 report:

  • Availability: 92.6% (3G or better)
  • Consistent Quality: 69.3%

Overall, Vodafone’s mobile network will be suitable for those who want high speeds and good coverage. Alternatively, you might consider selecting Telekom to receive the best coverage and consistency.

2.2. Vodafone Hungary speed

Hungary Mobile Operators Speed
Hungary Mobile Operators Speed

All in all, the mobile network of Vodafone is considered as reasonably good. Here is a summary of Vodafone’s mobile network speed, based on the Opensignal August 2023 report:

  • Average download speed: 42.1 Mbps
  • Average upload speed: 11.5 Mbps

Additionally, the speed of Vodafone’s mobile network is comparable to other European mobile networks.

It should however be noted that the average download and upload speed on Vodafone Hungary’s mobile network will differ across different geographical locations, at different times of the day, and in case of a large number of users.

3. Vodafone connectivity options for travelers to Hungary

Vodafone Hungary gives you two main connectivity options:

Connectivity option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM card Relatively inexpensive, easy to purchase and top up, gives more flexibility than contract-based plans May have more expensive data rates than contract-based plans, may need to top up regularly
eSIM More convenient than traditional SIM cards, more secure, gives more flexibility than contract-based plans Not all phones support eSIMs, may be more expensive than traditional SIM cards, can be more difficult to purchase

Both options give you the same coverage and speeds on Vodafone’s network. Just choose as per your phone’s compatibility and convenience. The most suitable one is eSIM for dual SIM devices and iPhones as it avoids the hassle of SIM swapping. For other phones, the regular Vodafone SIM card is good enough.

4. Best Vodafone Hungary SIM cards for tourists & cost

TUTI100 is the best Vodafone Hungary SIM card for tourists. It costs HUF 1000 (about $2.40) and comes with 100MB data, enough for basic tasks like email, browsing, and social media. The plan is valid for 30 days and can be reloaded online or in shops.

While Vodafone offers prepaid plans with more data and call/SMS benefits, TUTI100 suits short-term tourists with modest data needs given its affordable price.

Here is a detailed Vodafone Hungary prepaid SIM card options for tourists:

Plan Cost Data Validity Other features
TUTI100 ~ 2.73 USD 100 MB 30 days None

5. Does Vodafone Hungary support eSIM?

Vodafone Hungary indeed provides eSIM with most of its prepaid packages, however, currently, Vodafone Hungary eSIM is not available to tourists. Vodafone Hungary eSIMs work as similarly as normal SMS cards with equal allowance and validity.

One only has to buy the eSIM and activate it via Vodafone’s app or site.

6. Where can you buy a Vodafone Hungary SIM card and eSIM?

Those who intend travelling or residing in Hungary that will require mobile services through Vodafone networks need to understand the options that there are available for getting a Vodafone Hungary SIM card or eSIM.

6.1. Where to buy Vodafone SIM for Hungary

You can purchase a Vodafone Hungary SIM card at the following places:

  • Vodafone stores – At the malls and on the high street. Visit the Shop Locator page to find the closest shop in the store.
Vodafone Store
Vodafone Store
  • Authorized retailers -Unlike Vodafone stores, authorized retailers e.g., post offices, convenience stores, and electronics stores might not have as many SIM card options. However, they’ll activate your SIM card and register/set up your account.
  • Online – You can obtain a new SIM for internet or voice at Vodafone Hungary website online. Choose the plan you prefer to order.

You will have to present your passport or another identity document when buying a SIM card. Once you buy a SIM card, the next thing is that you will have to activate the same. This can be achieved through Vodafone customer service or a Vodafone store.

After activating your SIM card, you will be ready to go. Refilling will be done online or at different convenience shops.

6.2. Where to buy Vodafone Hungary eSIM

To get Vodafone Hungary eSIM, you have the following options:

  • Vodafone app – Download My Vodafone app and purchase eSIM through it. Allow 24 hours for activation.
  • Vodafone website – Buy eSIM through your Vodafone online account. Takes up to 24 hours.
  • hungaryesim.com – Visit hungaryesim.com and explore a variety of flexible data packages starting from only $3.50.

Enjoyfast 4G data and affordable pricing anywhere in Hungary. Buy your eSIM plan before travel or upon arrival and get immediate access to reliable high-speed internet. No waiting for physical SIM cards – just scan and go online instantly. Support for 200+ devices also includes top brands. Staying connected while traveling has never been simpler!

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7. How to activate Vodafone Hungary SIM/eSIM

Activating Vodafone SIM card or eSIM is quick and easy:

7.1. How to use Vodafone Hungary SIM card

  1. Insert Vodafone SIM in your phone and power it on.
  2. It will auto-configure and show the Vodafone network.
  3. A welcome SMS is sent with plan details. Start using SIM!

7.2. How to activate Vodafone Hungary eSIM

  1. Enter the eSIM activation code provided into the My Vodafone app.
  2. Follow the prompts to download your profile and activate your plan.
  3. Takes only a few minutes to complete activation.
  4. Enjoy Vodafone Hungary connectivity instantly!

That’s it! Both Vodafone SIM and eSIM can be used immediately after activation on your device.

8. Vodafone Hungary Call & SMS rates

Here are the standard rates for calls and texts on Vodafone Hungary prepaid SIM:

Service Rate/charge (USD)
Call to any domestic network within Hungary and in the EU $0.07/minute
SMS to any domestic network within Hungary and in the EU $0.07/SMS

These are quite reasonable charges. Outgoing calls to the EU are charged per minute with no fixed fee.

Incoming calls and texts are free on Vodafone prepaid. Zones 1-3 countries can be called at base ISD rates. Getting a prepaid SIM avoids huge roaming bills from your home operator.

9. Useful USSD codes for Vodafone Hungary SIM/eSIM

Check the below methods to manage your Vodafone Hungary SIM:

Method How to do Cost (USD)
MyVodafone app Open the MyVodafone app and go to the "Account" section. Free
Vodafone website Go to the Vodafone website and log in to your account. Then, go to the "My Account" section. Free
SMS code Send an SMS with the code "SZAMLA" to 171. $0.06
Call 171 Call 171 and follow the instructions. $0.05

Save the codes above on your phone to easily monitor usage and balance. These codes will work on both Vodafone SIM and eSIM.

10. How to top-up Vodafone Hungary SIM/eSIM

You can recharge your Vodafone prepaid SIM through various channels:

  • Vodafone App – Instant top-ups through My Vodafone app using cards/bank transfers.
  • Vouchers – Buy top-up vouchers from stores and enter 6-digit code.
  • Online – International debit/credit cards work to recharge on the Vodafone website.
  • ATMs – Insert SIM and select the recharge option at OTP ATMs.

Doing the first recharge through the app or online for convenience. You can then buy vouchers locally for future top-ups. Data packs and add-ons can also be booked through the My Vodafone app after recharges.

11. FAQs about Vodafone in Hungary

Does Vodafone Hungary have good coverage?

Yes, Vodafone has 99% population coverage in Hungary on its 4G network and around 80% coverage on 3G. It provides excellent connectivity across the country.

How fast is Vodafone Hungary’s network?

Vodafone Hungary provides very fast mobile data with average speeds around 33 Mbps download and 13 Mbps upload on 4G. Its maximum recorded LTE speed is 300 Mbps.

Does Vodafone Hungary work in Europe?

Yes, Vodafone Hungary SIM allows free roaming across all EU countries and also works in Norway, Iceland and UK. Vodafone has roaming agreements in over 100 countries.

Can I use Vodafone Hungary SIM in a locked phone?

No, Vodafone SIM will only work in a phone that is unlocked to use foreign SIM cards. iPhones from US need to be unlocked to use a Hungarian SIM.

12. Final words

Vodafone provides excellent connectivity throughout the country with great speeds and coverage. Their prepaid SIM plans are well-suited for travelers and very reasonably priced. You can also opt for eSIM from hungaryesim.com if you have a compatible phone. Getting the SIM or eSIM in advance online will avoid any hassles upon arrival. Enjoy your trip to Hungary and stay conveniently connected with Vodafone!